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Firmenname SIMA - MIHOV EOOD
Adresse 27 Tsanko Dyustabanov Street
PLZ 5641
Ort Apriltsi
Land Bulgarien
Telefon +359 6958 2213
Fax +359 6958 2513
E-Mail KontaktKontakt aufnehmen
Homepage en.sima-mihov.comen.sima-mihov.com

Plastic Injection Moulded Items
Plastic Injection Moulded Products
Plastic Injection Moulded Components
Plastic Injection Moulded Parts
Customized Plastic Injection Mouldings

The product range of SIMA – MIHOV EOOD could include (but is not limited to) the following items: plastic caps, plastic spoons, plastic cups, plastic bushings, miscellaneous plastic parts for tube furniture, various plastic technical parts made of engineering plastics. Primary packaging materials or laboratory products could be manufactured in a clean room
environment. Moreover, various thermoplastic injection moulded products or components or parts (e.g., SIC code: 3089; NAICS code: 326199), particularly according to drawings or specifications or designs of the customer, could also be manufactured upon request.
Firmenprofil SIMA - MIHOV EOOD is a private company specialized in the development and the production of various high-quality thermoplastic injection moulded products/components/parts in the fields of the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, and the furniture industry. Customized thermoplastic injection moulded items at the request of the customer may also be produced. Moreover, thermoplastic injection moulded products/components/parts according to
drawings/specifications/designs/ideas of the customer could be manufactured as well.
< Inserat 93/124 >
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